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Terms & Conditions

How to buy

Online shop serves both customers: individual and legal entities.

For purchasing the product you like:

Please, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Click on either authorization or registration.

For buying the chosen product, please, indicate the desired quantity of the product and add to basket by clicking the button “Add to Basket”.

When you finish selecting products, click on the basket.

Check your order and edit it in case of necessity. Your order will be updated after pressing the button “Update Basket”.

If you have the promo coupon, fill in the Coupon code and press the button “Apply Coupon”. Then press the button “Proceed to Checkout”.

If you do not have the promo coupon, press the button “Proceed to Checkout” directly.

After pressing “Proceed to Checkout”, you will be transferred to a new page, where after filling in the “Billing, Shipping, and Additional Information”, and checking “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions”, press the button “Proceed”.

You will be automatically transferred to a TBC bank page, where after filling in the information about your credit card, you will be able to buy the desired product.

After finishing all the order-related procedures, you will receive the notification/message on your e-mail indicated in the registration form.

Your order will be carried out according to the delivery method you chose, at the address you indicated in the registration form. The delivery is carried out on working days from 10 am to 6 pm.

If you want to purchase (a) product by invoice, please, write us at

Terms and conditions

Terms of service

Online shop

The terms listed below are the agreement between (hereinafter “the shop”) and the buyer (hereinafter “the company”) about procurement of products and services, which is implemented through web site

  1. Introduction

The company agrees to the terms of agreement between the parties, to anything regarding the products, services and information delivered through the website. This agreement represents the contract between the shop and the company, replaces all previous or other agreements that refer to products, services and information delivered through the website. The company agrees to review and agree to this agreement before purchasing products or services from the website.

  1. Information about Payment

The company understands and guarantees that the information provided by the company is truthful, correct and comprehensive. The shop will receive the company’s payment for product or service by credit card transaction, bank transfer or cash. The company is liable to pay (the price) for product, service and delivery including all taxes according to the price at the moment of payment. The company is responsible for all payments made by the company’s password. The company agrees to protect confidentiality of its own password and will notify the shop about any unauthorized use of password or any violation of this agreement. The shop does not protect the company from unauthorized use of its password.

In case of bank transfer, if the funds are not reflected in the shop’s account within three working days, the shop has the right to cancel the order.

  1. Copyright

The website content belongs to the shop, which is protected by copyright. Use of the content of the website or any of its parts, digital modification/editing/alternation, compilation, copying, redirecting, publishing, etc. is prohibited.

  1. Editing, Deleting, Adding, Modification

The shop reserves exclusive right to delete or change any information, prices, terms of purchase, terms of delivery or terms of service, without prior notice. The modified agreement will enter into force after it is published and will affect all actions (arrangements, deals) implemented on the website after publication.

  1. Terms of service, Act of Delivery and Acceptance

The shop cannot fully guarantee the delivery of order chosen and purchased by the company. The shop reserves the right to agree with and suggest the company a product or service similar to the product or service for which the company has paid. If the parties cannot reach the agreement about replacement of the products, the shop is responsible to fully reimburse the cost of the product or the service for which the company has paid and was unable to receive.

  1. Information Sharing

In case of the company’s request the shop is liable to provide the company with additional information about the product the company has purchased: instructions for use, safety, storage exploitation and other terms of use. The shop reserves the right to keep informative contact with the company through communication means indicated by the company.

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