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About Us

Founded in 2016, Sauvage is a concept store for eyewear and fragrances.

Located in the charming Vera neighborhood, Tbilisi Georgia. We are after original brands and contemporary styles and scents that tell a story. We love the flair of authentic creations.

Our growing partnerships with 25+ niche brands aims to connect stylish, informed consumers with their favorite pieces.

In April pf 2019, We collaborated with Kuboraum and Khidi and organized an Exhibition and Event

 KUBORAUM experience!

Kuboraum site-specific multimedia-installation
At khidi contemporary art space, tbilisi
19th april 2019

A multimedia installation using sound, video-projections, eye-couture masks, new creations, archive pieces, lights, prints on several different materials, hand painted and burnt plexiglass, one dj, dancing people.
An excursus on the relation between the mask and the concept of identity, the dance floor as an interactive affirmation of hybridization and liquid identity. The concept of identity is the field of experimentation where the whole kuboraum project emphasizes on the anxiety that each one of us has related to the contrast between presentation and self-representation.
Kuboraum uses the game of mask as a hypothetical solution to this anxiety. The mask as our liquid architecture, our light box and our dark box, a liquid architecture where we experience ourselves and all our identities in between the city-scapes. A box full of light like a dance floor is the representation of an emotional architecture that arises from the constitution of a group entity, a liquid identity formed by multiple individuals and multiple identities. Through our liquid box, our liquid architecture we experience our identities, through the dance floor, a neo-contemporary oracle for thoughts about ourselves, we meet, we exchange, we dance and we know ourselves through differences with each other. The dance floor is a political entity, it is cohabitation, it is the liberation of differences, it is enjoying these differences, without annulling them. The idea that we are all the same is terrible, each of us is multiple and different, we must learn to enjoy these differences, through the other we must learn to know ourselves. The dance floor is a political entity that educates us to enjoy these differences by celebrating them in the ecstatic ritual of dance.
The soundscape during the experience was curated by dj red.

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